Online storage lockers which provide streaming access to your music collection across multiple devices are all the rage these days. Amazon‘s doing it. Google‘s doing it. Apple‘s sort of kind of doing it. Now Best Buy is too.

Best Buy has introduced a new service called Music Cloud which allows users to upload their songs to a web-based service and listen from any computer or from mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry, or iOS.

Right now the service is linked to iTunes. Music Cloud will grab music from your playlists. If you’re not an iTunes user, you’re out of luck (although you can install the app for free if you really want to use Best Buy’s service instead of any of the nearly identical services from a competitor.

There are free and premium options available, with the premium service running $3.99 per month.

I can’t really think of any reason to use Music Cloud instead of Amazon or Google’s offering… but that’s probably not the point. It’s likely that Best Buy will stick a big Music Cloud button on computers sold through its stores trying to convince customers who might not be aware of other options to sign up.

via Slashdot and Yahoo News

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