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BeyondPod offers one of the best Podcast managers for Android smartphones. Now the developer is working on a version for Android tablets as well. BeyondPod HD has a multi-panel view, allowing you to see a list of your audio and video podcast subscriptions on the left while browsing for individual episodes on the right.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll also find new Honeycomb-style controls including a new progress bar and nice big buttons.

For the most part BeyondPod HD is exactly what you would want from a tablet version of the podcast manager. It has all the same basic features including the ability to find, download, manage, and play your podcast content as well as the ability to choose how many episdoes of each podcast to download at a time, and how long to keep them on your mobile device. The only difference is that BeyondTV is designed to play well with Honeycomb tablets rather than just smartphones.

BeyondPod HD is available as a free download from the developer’s web site. You can purchase an “unlock key” for BeyondPod or BeyondPod HD for $6.99, but it doesn’t look like you absolutely need it to beta test the tablet app.

via Android Central

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4 replies on “BeyondPod HD beta brings Podcast management to Android tablets”

  1. I’ve tried the top few podcast management apps in Android Market. BeyondPod is the best, by a mile, and seems to get substantially better with each iteration. That’s always a nice surprise for any user of mobile apps. More typically, when we are finally blessed with a new version it’s ‘one step forward and one step (or maybe even two) back’.

    Which brings me to the subject of another Android podcast client: Doggcatcher. In terms of functions offered, Doggcatcher is BeyondPod’s only real competitor. And I’m sorry to say so, because Doggcatcher is a buggy disaster which further devolves with every new release. No other app has crashed my phone so often or so predictably.

    1. BeyondPod was the first Android app I purchased. I looked at DoggCatcher as well because it had some excellent reviews, but what pushed me toward BeyondPod was the 7 day free trial and the substantially more attractive user interface. 

      1. Oddly enough, I tried BeyondPod first – this was last year. Let’s just say I was not impressed, mainly because the UI was a clusterflop. Maybe BeyondPod’s basic functions were fine, but I couldn’t say one way or the other because I couldn’t make sense of the controls.

        That’s when I tried Doggcatcher and found it a better choice, overall. Since then, these two clients’ relative merits have done a complete 180°. No one could be more surprised than me, especially since I paid full price for Doggcatcher but caught BeyondPod on sale for under $2.

        By the way, thanks for pointing out SEPTA’s vastly improved mobile ‘site in your post about Google’s new LiveTransit features. Good to see a local utility (finally!) entering the 21st century. I sent them an encouraging note, citing your post and urging they partner with Google.

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