Bing search apps

Microsoft has rolled out a new feature that lets iOS users discover mobile apps related to their searches. Say you’re looking up movie showtimes. Movie-related apps such as IMDB or Fandango might show up in your Bing mobile search results. You have to scroll through a few more traditional listings before you find the app results, but once you see them you can click the links to either open apps already installed on your device or bring up a details page in the App Store.

You can also search for specific categories of apps such as “News apps” or “Travel apps.” For some reason these don’t show up at the top of the page either, but you can click “more results” to see a more detailed list of apps matching your query.

Honestly, I’m not sure I want apps showing up in all of my search results, but it’s nice to know that if you’re looking for apps and don’t feel like navigating through the App Store, Bing is there to help. You can use the new feature by firing up your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad web browser and starting a search at

Brad Linder

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