You know how some iPhone apps which aren’t optimized for the iPad’s larger display can be run in a small window in the center of your iPad? Independent developer Aaron Ash decided to go one step further and see if he could run two iPhone apps side by side on an iPad.

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. He’s working on an app that will let you run two apps at once, although you’ll clearly need to jailbreak your iPad to get it working. The project is still a work in progress. Audio doesn’t currently work and there are accelerometer problems.

Clearly there’s little reason to actually run two games of Angry Birds at the same time as shown off in the screenshot Ash has shared. But imagine running a web browser in one window while watching a video in another. It’s something that Windows 8 will support, but mobile platforms including iOS, Android, webOS, and BlackBerry Tablet OS all require you to look at one window at a time, even if you have other apps running in the background.

It could be a few months before Ash releases his app for running multiple programs side-by-side on the iPad.

via MacStories

Brad Linder

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