Dolphin Browser HD 6 Webzine

The folks behind the popular Dolphin Browser HD web browser for Android have finally worked out the page loading kinks in version 5.x of the mobile browser. So what’s next? Dolphin Browser HD 6 beta, of course. You can download an early version of the next-generation browser for free from the Android Market.

There’s one major new feature in Dolphin 6.0. It’s called Webzine, and it basically allows you to populate your home page with a list of icons for news, entertainment, sports, or tech web sites. But when you tap on the icon instead of simply opening a web page you’re greeted with a streamlined page with headlines, images, and maybe a little text. You can swipe left or right or up and down to load additional articles. And tapping any article will bring up an article excerpt.

Dolphin Browser HD 6 strips the advertising and formatting from the articles in the Webzine view, but since the app shows excerpts instead of full articles, and links to the full web site, I’m not sure if this will cause any problems in the long run. On the other hand, the fact that Dolphin only shows excerpts makes the Webzine view kind of useless. Pretty, but useless.

You can install Dolphin Browser HD 6 beta alongside version 5.1, and you can even import your settings.

via Android Police

Brad Linder

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