Just a few weeks after Google redesigned its mobile search page to include location-based links to restaurants, coffee shops, and bars at the bottom of the main screen, Google had launched another redesign which may be even more useful.

Now instead of only seeing new options on the main search page, there’s a list of options at the top of every Google search page. For instance, if you search for “mobiputing,” you’ll see tabs for web, images, places, and news at the top of the screen. Just scroll down and the tabs will disappear, so they don’t take up that much screen space.

You can also tap the “more” button to view additional options including Google Shopping, Google Books, or YouTube. It’s nice to have the features available from any page, since I rarely actually visit Google.com. Instead I just type a search query into my mobile or desktop browser and the first page I see is the results page.

The new layout appears in both the Android web browser and the mobile Safari browser in iOS.

via Droid Life

Brad Linder

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  1. i for one, absolutely hate the new layout for googles mobile search page.  The popup icons are a nuisance, and nothing works as well as before….another thing google managed to screw up….

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