Google Shopper 1.5 for Android

Google has rolled out an updated version of its mobile shopping app for Android which adds support for nearby offers and coupons. You can still use Google Shopper 1.5 to search for products using online and local stores. But you can also now click the “nearby Offers tab from the home screen to see if any nearby businesses are offering deals.

The offers are divided into Eat, Play, and All tabs. You can view a list or see the offers plotted on a map. And Google Shopper lets you save coupons and other offers for later.

Each offer lets you know at a glance how deep the discount is, when you need to redeem the coupon by, and how far you are from the business offering the deal.

I fired up the app this morning to see if there were any good deals I might want to check out for lunch… and I have to say I’m pretty underwhelmed by the collection of offers in Philadelphia at the moment. But hopefully the number of deals will expand over time.

Google Shopper is available as a free download from the Android Market.

Brad Linder

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  1. Sometimes there are new introductions of a product to that area which also can bring high value coupons through the “Printapons” or printable coupons

  2. Subtle rollout. The permissions to grant access to the Google account refers to the app as wallet. Look for the new NFC functionality in the near future?

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