Streaming music service Grooveshark has launched an updated version of its Android app with a number of new features including support for in-app subscriptions and the ability to save a queue to a playlist. You can also now use Google Voice Search to look for songs.

While you can use Grooveshark for free by visiting the site in a desktop web browser, the company’s mobile apps require a $9 per month Grooveshark VIP account. They also require a phone the lets you install apps that aren’t available in the Android Market. Grooveshark’s Android app was booted from the Market a few months ago.

Grooveshark lets you listen to music on demand by searching for a song, album, or artist. The company maintains a directory with millions of songs, but while most competing services reach out to record labels to license the content before making it available, Grooveshark has a distribute first, license later approach which has gotten the company into a fair bit of trouble with the labels. But that hasn’t stopped Grooveshark from offering one of the best music-on-demand services available.

You can download the latest Grooveshark mobile apps for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, webOS, and Symbian and

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