Flight and hotel search service Hipmunk has announced the launch of its new iPad app, Hipmunk Flight Search, which is now available as a free download in the App Store. The release was accompanied by an update to the iPhone app that Hipmunk released in February.

The app is designed to function similarly to the Hipmunk official website’s experience. Flight results are sorted according to those with the “lowest amount of agony,” an index that’s determined by the flight’s duration, price and number of layovers. The interface even has the same visual timeline format for displaying search results as Hipmunk’s website.

Other features include a handy option to book your flights in Safari, or you can save your selected flight with a finish code to complete your booking later on a PC. You can also email booking links to friends and re-run recent searches.

All of the new features are completely optimized for iPad, meaning the UI will feel distinctly better than using the normal website on your device. The update for the iPhone version includes a refreshed interface with smoother controls, as well as bug fixes. You can download the now universal app for iOS for free in the App Store.

via the Hipmunk Blog


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