HP TouchPad

HP may have acquired Palm just to get its hands on the webOS operating system (does a company have hands?), but HP CEO Leo Apotheker says the company isn’t ruling out the possibility of sharing webOS with other device makers. When asked whether HP would license webOS for use on phones or other devices from competing companies, Apotheker basically said, sure, why not?

Specifically, he says HP will make webOS available to enterprise customers and small businesses. But when asked if HP would even allow a big name phone-maker such as HTC to license webOS, the CEO said the company would be willing to “entertain” the idea.

This is all a far cry from saying that we will see webOS devices from competitors. But it sounds like HP is at least contemplating becoming a software company as well as a hardware company.

via PreCentral and All Things D

Brad Linder

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