HP webOS App Catalog

HP has started accepting webOS 3.0 apps designed for the upcoming HP TouchPad tablet. The company released an SDK (software developer kit) for the operating system in February, but now developers can submit apps for including in the webOS App Catalog which will allow TouchPad users to find and download apps using the on-device app store.

HP is also opening its in-app purchasing program. This makes it easier for developers to charge customers for additional content from within an app. For instance you could download a free app and then upgrade to a paid version to eliminate ads. Or you could sign up for subscription magazine or music content within the app or acquire special items in a game.

The HP TouchPad tablet is expected to ship this month, so it actually seems to be a bit on the late side for HP to start accepting webOS 3.0 apps. But hopefully there will be at least a handful of high quality apps available in the App Catalog on launch day.

via PreCentral

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