HTC has announced that it’s launching a set of tool that will allow third party developers to write apps that integrate more closely with HTC Sense software. Sense is a suite of apps that run on top of Google Android featuring home screen widgets, lock screen tools, web browser customizations, and more.

The company has opened a new developer portal called HTCdev with more information. There aren’t any developer tools available for download from the site yet, but they should be available in a few weeks.

The end result should be apps that have an HTC Sense look and feel, allowing customers with HTC phones to download apps that feel like they were made for that particular phone. Right now you sort of end up with a hodgepodge of user interfaces on HTC devices since some apps have HTC’s custom look and feel while others look like they were designed for generic Android devices (because they probably were).

It should be interesting to see whether HTC can encourage developers to use its tools to develop Sense-like apps which might look out of place on non-HTC devices though.

via EuroDroid

Brad Linder

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