iOS 5 beta multiple app installs

When you check the iTunes App Store for updates for your apps or for new apps to download you can select as many apps as you like. There’s even an “update all” button that will automatically download and install all available updates for your apps. But if you’re using iOS 4.x or earlier, you’ll have to wait as your device installs one app at a time.

But Cult of Mac noticed that iOS 5 does things differently. If you’re running the beta version of the next-gen operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, you can install multiple apps simultaneously.

The feature works whether you’re on a 3G or WiFi connection.

Google Android has long had the ability to download several apps from the Android Market at the same time. Soon iOS users will also be able to get in on the instant gratification fun.

via iPhone Download Blog

Brad Linder

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