MixCloud for iPhoneMost internet radio apps either let you choose from a list of curated music streams with songs selected by a DJ (or a machine), or create a new mix on-the-fly based on your musical tastes. TuneIn Radio is a good example of the former while Pandora is probably the most popular of the latter. Mixcloud is a new app which takes a different approach.

Mixcloud helps you discover radio programs, podcasts, and DJ mixes. The company calls them Cloudcasts which is basically the company’s name for a Podcast which is hosted online and streamed on-demand. You don’t download it to your device like a Podcast. But it’s not live like a radio stream. Instead a Cloudcast brings you a pre-recorded radio show or DJ mix.

Instead of streaming songs on demand, Mixcloud lets you stream a series of songs hand-picked by… somebody. That doesn’t just help you find music you might like, but also DJs or other users you might like. You can Cloucasts to your favorites and follow other Cloudcast users to find their latest mixes.

What Mixcloud doesn’t let you do is download songs or mixes to your device, skip tracks, or fast forward.

Mixcloud offers a web-based service, and this week the company also launched an iOS app which is available as a free, ad-supported download from the App Store.

via TechCrunch

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