Shazam‘s mobile app lets you figure out what song is playing on the radio, TV, or department store intercom by simply tapping a button on your phone and letting it listen for a few bars. Now Shazam is taking things to a whole new level by showing you lyrics as well.

When you tag a song using Shazam Encore for iOS, you can now press a “lyrics” button to bring up the new Shazam LyricPlay feature. The words to a song will then begin to scroll in real-time as the song plays. Right now there are lyrics for about 25,000 songs.

Shazam’s chief competitor SoundHound has offered song lyrics since last year, but SoundHound’s mobile apps don’t sync the lyrics with the music you’re listening to.

You can download Shazam Encore from the App Store for $5.99. There’s also a free version of the app but you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account if you want to use the LyricPlay feature.

via Mashable

Brad Linder

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