Opera Mobile 11.1

Opera has rolled out new versions of its two web browsers for Google Android. Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 are both available from the Android Market. The new browsers add a number of new features including support for Google voice search, Google AutoComplete, and “intelligent domain suggest.” All told, they make the process of entering a URL or search query a little faster. You can also now

The two browsers look nearly identical, but Opera Mini is designed to run on slower devices or for customers with limited data plans. That’s because Opera Mini uses remote servers to compress data before sending it to your device, while Opera Mobile uses your phone or tablet’s hardware to render web pages completely.

Opera Mobile 11.1 also has a few extra tricks up its sleeve including experimental support for Adobe Flash on tablets running Google Android 3.x Honeycomb. You can also now adjust the user agent. While some browsers let you change the agent to iOS, Firefox, or another browser altogether, Opera Mobile simply lets you toggle between mobile and desktop views if you’re using a phone. On tablets, you can choose from tablet or desktop views.

The browser also features CSS and HTML5 improvements, and with every new release Opera seems to get a little faster. If I weren’t so keen on some of the plugins available for Dolphin HD, I’d seriously consider dropping that browser for Opera at this point — if it did a better job of rendering the mobile version of Gmail.

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