Read It Later Free

Read It Later lets you mark web sites that you want to come back and read later. The company launched an Android app a few months ago that lets you access your reading list from a mobile device. You can also add pages to your reading list from your phone. But if you don’t want to pay for the Read It Later Pro app in the Android Market, now you don’t have to. The company has released a free version.

The new free app has the same basic functionality as the pro version, with a few caveats. If you have a long reading list you won’t be able to access all articles using the mobile app. You also can’t search or sort your list using the Read It Later Free.

What you can do with Read It Later Free is download articles for offline viewing, and access streamlined versions of web pages that have been optimized for mobile devices with just images, words, and videos.

Read It Later Pro, meanwhile, has been updated to support multi-page articles in the streamlined Article View. You can purchase the pro version of the app from the Android Market for $2.99.

via Android Central and Read It Later Blog

Brad Linder

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