Popular social networking service Seesmic allows users to interact with your Twitter and Facebook accounts across a number of platforms. There’s a web app, desktop apps for Windows or Mac, and a line of mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7. There’s also a BlackBerry app, but Seesmic has announced that it will drop support for that platform soon.

While Research in Motion’s BlackBerry platform is certainly struggling to keep up with the rapid growth of iOS and Android, there are still a lot of Blackberry users out there, so Seesmic’s advice that “those effected [sic] by this change” try out Seesmic for other mobile platforms seems a bit… silly. I doubt many people will trade in their BlackBerry for an Android phone just to keep using Seesmic.

That said, it seems clear that plenty of people are trading in their Blackberries for other devices which is probably part of the reason Seesmic has decided to focus on other platforms where the app is more popular.

via Mobilize

Brad Linder

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