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Skype offers apps for voice, video, and text communication for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone. But so far there’s one platform Skype doesn’t support: the Apple iPad. That changes on Tuesday when Skype is expected to launch its first iPad app.

The folks at CNET got a sneak peek at Skype for the iPad. They say video calls look great over a WiFi connection, but less-than-stellar when you’re using 3G.

The overall layout looks like a simplified version of Skype’s desktop applications, with a contact list on the left and big video windows on the right. The dialer, contact list, detailed contact info and other features also hang out on the right.

As with Skype’s iPhone app, you can use the iPad app to switch between the front and rear cameras or even make voice-only calls by keeping the camera turned off.

It’s probably a matter of opinion whether Skype’s iPad app is better than Apple’s Facetime video chat service. But there’s one key difference: Skype already supports a number of different protocols, so the person you’re calling doesn’t have to be using a Mac or iOS device.

Skype also briefly posted a demo video demo on YouTube today before removing it. You can check out a soundless copy someone saved after the break.

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