sn0wbreeze 2.8b1Just a few days after the makers of the popular redsn0w jailbreak utility for iOS released an update adding support for iOS 5 bet (and just a few days after Apple released iOS 5 beta to developers), ih8sn0w has released an iOS 5-friendly version of sn0wbreeze.

Like redsn0w, sn0wbreeze allows you to jailbreak an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. But the software also lets you roll extra features into the custom firmware for your mobile device. For instance, you can use sn0wbreeze to preserve a carrier unlock hack on supported devices (which doesn’t include any new iPhone with the latest baseband), or to install a custom boot logo.

Sn0wbreeze 2.8b1 supports the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, and the original iPad. Currently it only supports a tethered jailbreak, which means you’ll need to connect your phone to a computer and run the software again whenever you want to reboot. The software is only available for Windows computers, but if you’re using a Mac you can still use the latest version of redsn0w.

via TiPb

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