Songkick is an online service designed to inform you when your favorite bands are playing, and it’s now mobile with a new app for iOS.

As an ideal social network for regular concert-goers, Songkick provides more than just tracking of artists and venues near you. You can also stay up to date with your your buddies for event updates, as well as music from Pandora,, and iTunes.

Simply sign in to the app to access all your saved artists, shows, and more. The app will find your current location, scan your iTunes library and compile a list of shows that might interest you.

The app will scan your iTunes, and from that data — taking location into account — compile a list of shows you might be interested in attending. You can check through a list of your favorite artists to see who’s currently touring, and even receive push notifications when they’re playing in your area. Also, you can look up ticket info, venue locations, show times and band lineups.

Songkick’s feature set isn’t particularly innovative, and you can find much of what it has to offer in apps like Dragonfly and SuperGlued. However, the addition of a personalized concert calendar that you can create within the app might appeal to some users. The interface is also incredibly sleek and modernized, which means convenient Facebook, Twitter and email integration.

You can download Songkick for iOS for free from the App Store.

via Mashable


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