SugarSync, a popular file backup & sharing service recently updated its app for BlackBerry to version 2.0.

In addition to increasing the performance and reliability, SugarSync revamped the user interface with an improved layout and created tabs for easier navigation. Sharing was also made easier by integrating your native email account for file and folder sharing. Users will also have the ability to copy public links and paste them into any application or email message.

SugarSync’s fans are pretty dedicated, despite it being a paid service, whereas much of its competition is free. Prior to this update, however, its BlackBerry-using fans were quite disappointed with the BlackBerry app. But with version 2.0’s improved UI that’s more sleek and intuitive, it looks like the BlackBerry app is no longer behind (or as far behind) its Android and iOS counterparts.

You can download SugarSync’s 30 day free trial or check out other pricing plans starting at $9.99/month on its

via N4BB and Crackberry


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