Nothing eases the transition from desktop to mobile quite like having easy access to your desktop Web browsing profile. Whether you’re using Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Opera, there’s usually a way to keep handy bits like your favorites synced up between your mobile device and your desktop. Firefox, of course, syncs neatly with its diminutive mobile sibling and with the Firefox Home app on iOS.

Opera Mobile and Mini for Androis and iOS play nice with the company’s desktop browser, too — and now there’s a way to access your Opera data in the cloud on Windows Phone 7. Just download Opera Link for WP7. It’s an unofficial app, but it’s able to pull down your Speed Dial pages, bookmarks, and notes for quick on-the-go access. There’s no built-in browser, unfortunately — links will pop open in a new Internet Explorer window instead.

While an official browser from the crew in Oslo would be most welcome on WP7 (particularly while we’re waiting for Mango to arrive with a more up-to-date Internet Explorer), Opera Link for WP7 will do just fine for those of you who simply don’t want to recreate all your Opera bookmarks on your Windows Phone. Find it in the Marketplace, or scan the Tag after the break.

via WP Central


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