TeamViewer offers a remote desktop service that lets you control a computer over an internet connection. The company launched an Android app earlier this year which allows you to control a PC from a smartphone or tablet. At the time it was only available from the TeamViewer web site, but now you can download TeamViewer Free from the Android Market.

You’ll need to install TeamViewer on your computer in order to use the mobile app, but that’s free for non-commercial users as well.

The mobile app includes tools designed to let you navigate a keyboard-and-mouse operating system such as Windows, Mac, or desktop Linux using a touchscreen Android device. There’s an on-screen keyboard and buttons to emulate a left or right mouse click. The TeamViewer mobile client also supposed pinch-to-zoom to help you navigate on a small screen.

TeamViewer Free supports Google Android 1.6 and up.

via AppBrain

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