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TiVo’s iPad app allows customers to search and browse for content on their DVR and then flick the screen to start watching a video on a TV. Now TiVo has added support for video-on-demand content from you cabler operator.

The latest version of the TiVo app for iPad will automatically add VOD content to the search and browse areas so that when you’re looking for something to watch it won’t matter if it’s a program you’ve recorded or if it’s one that your TV provider offers as part of an on-demand package.

You can download the TiVo iPad app for free from the App Store.

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One reply on “TiVo adds video-on-demand search to iPad app”

  1. You have to read the press release carefully to realize this doesn’t apply to the standard TiVo boxes, but only to the custom cable operator provided TiVos, which I believe is a rather small number. This appears to be the complete list: Comcast New England, Comporium, Northland, RCN, and Suddenlink, with Cox on the way (but sounds like any standard TiVo Premiere will have access!)

    I don’t recall if you highlighted it, but Hulu Plus has finally arrived on TiVo.

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