TiVo iPad app

TiVo has long been rumored to be readying some new iOS and Android companion apps, but CEPro magazine has shed more light on the upcoming software.

TiVo’s Bard Williams tells the magazine the new apps offer an attractive new user interface, a multi-touch remote control, the ability to manage Season Pass recordings, and view information about a TV show all while you continue to watch TV. In other words, you can use the app as a secondary display for your TiVo without minimizing the video playing on your TV. You can also perform basic tasks when over the internet when you’re aware from home.

TiVo launched a free iPad app earlier this year. It acts as a simple remote control for the Premiere box. The new apps will finally offer TiVo users with the ability to access their prized Season Passes, as well as deeper Premier Box integration. All we’re waiting for now is a timeframe and scheduling of their release.

via 9 to 5 Mac and Zatz Not Funny


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