TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a mobile app that lets you find and listen to internet radio stations from around the world. It’s probably one of the best organized directories of internet radio available — but it can still take a bit of work to find stations that match your tastes. The developers have tackled that problem with TuneIn Radio 1.9 for iOS which adds recommended stations.

What’s cool about the station recommendations are that the app determines them based on songs in your music library.

Another nifty new music discovery option is the ability to shake your device to discovery related stations. All you have to do is start playing one of your favorite internet radio streams and then give your iPhone or iPod touch a shake and TuneIn will switch to another station with related content.

The latest update also adds song presets and a quicker search function.

TuneIn Radio is available as a free download from the App Store. There’s also an ad-free version for $0.99. TuneIn is also available for Android, but the new music discovery features haven’t made it to Android yet.

Brad Linder

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