LauncherPro is one of the most attractive (and most useful) home screen replacements available for Google Android. Now the developer is working on an app that can replace another program that comes with Android: the music player. This week Fede launched the first beta version of UberMusic. It’s been in alpha testing for a little while already, but the beta has a completely new look.

Earlier builds were designed to mimic the Zune music player from Windows Phone 7, but UberMusic beta has a more standard Android-like design. The play/pause and skip buttons still look like they were designed by Microsoft though.

One cool feature that still takes a cue from the Zune interface is the ability to grab photos of the artists you’re listening to and use them as background wallpapers while you’re viewing an album or listening to a song. You can opt to only use this feature when you’re on a WiFi connection so your phone doesn’t needlessly use your 3G bandwidth to download images.

UberMusic beta 1 also supports scrobbling, a customizeable music list, the ability to disable the lockscreen while listening to music, and a theme engine that will allow third party developers to create skins that change the look of the media player.

Right now there’s not much you can do with UberMusic that you can’t already do with the default Android media player — and the app doesn’t currently support Google’s cloud-based music service. But it’s an attractive music player which takes up less than 1MB of disk space, so it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re tired of looking at the official Google Music app. The current beta expires on July 15th.

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