Ubuntu One is service that lets subscribers back up data from a computer running the Ubuntu Linux operating system to the web and synchronize files and settings between multiple computers.

A while back, Canonical released Ubuntu One Music, a companion Android app which allowed users of the cloud sync platform to effortlessly access music purchased through its own store or uploaded from a connected system. While that was certainly a good first step, Ubuntu One is capable of syncing more than just tunes… so what about accessing all those other files on the go?

Enter the shiny, new Ubuntu One Files app for Android. In addition to providing on-the-go access to your files in the cloud, you can also upload new files directly from your smartphone and manage and share existing files and folders.

Hungry for more? Ubuntu One Files has at least one other trick up its sleeve. The app can also silently sync all the photos you take with your Android’s camera to the photos folder in your U1 cloud storage — which, of course, automatically syncs them back down to all your connected desktops. It’s a nice way to make sure you never accidentally delete an important snapshot from your phone without backing it up first.

Of course it also means that embarrassing antiquing episodes and duct-taping-to-the-wall incidents could be instantly pushed to multiple locations when you’d rather they just be forgotten about entirely. It’s a user-switchable option, of course, and you can always turn it off and manually sync the photos you want to keep at your leisure.

Grab the app from the Android Market — and remember, you’ll need a Ubuntu One account in order for it to be at all useful.


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