Microsoft is making Windows Phone 7 Mango available to developers starting today. The software update brings a number of new features including support for multitasking, an improved web browser with support for HTML5, better communications tools, and more powerful live tiles for the home screen.

Mango will be available as a free download for users later this year, but by granting developers early access Microsoft is giving them a heard start on developing apps that will take advantage of the new features so that some of those apps will be available by the time you can actually run Mango on your own phone.

In related news, it looks like we may have a code-name for the next Windows Phone software update. DigiTimes reports that it will be called Tango, and that Taiwanese device maker Compal has already signed a contract with Microsoft to license Mango and Tango. There’s no word on what new features will be included in Tango, but it’s not the only update in the works. Boy Genius Report reminds us that another update code-named Apollo is also under development — although we might not see it until next year.

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  1. >> oft is making Windows Phone 7 Mango available to developers starting today. 

    I see this problem in most of the sites, they refer things by today, tomorrow etc. but they do not mention dates anywhere.  I am reading this article today and don’t know if this is 2010 or 2009 article?

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