There’s a new version of YouMail‘s popular visual voicemail app for the iPhone. But it’s not available from the App Store. Instead you can download the latest version from the Cydia store for jailbroken apps.

The new app, was developed by Dustin Howett using YouMail’s public API, has one key feature that makes it different than the official YouMail app for iPhone in the App Store. In the Cydia version, the app fully integrates YouMail’s service into the native iPhone UI. The regular iPhone app simply can’t do that, as it has to be just a third party app. With a jail-broken device, however, YouMail literally becomes your phone’s visual voicemail.

After installation, simply open the app and you’ll be guided through a registering process to receive a YouMail account and service activation. Among YouMail’s many features includes pure visual voicemail, a custom greeting, voicemail forwarding, text and email notifications and more.

For more customization options, such as alert preferences and optional (paid) subscription features, you can log into YouMail in your desktop browser. Here, you can access and check your voicemail from the website, as well as deactivate your account and access other settings options.

You can download the app for free from the Cydia store on an iPhone running iOS 4 or higher.



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