Google Analytics is a free service that lets web site owners monitor traffic. Want to see how many people have visited your site in the past week, what pages get the most views, or even what web browsers people are using when they stop by? Google Analytics can do all of that. What it can’t do very well is display content in a mobile-friendly format. If you try to visit in a mobile browser you get the desktop version of the web site.

There are a handful of third party apps available from the Android Market which help fill the void. Analytix is one of the most attractive, and this week the developer released a version optimized for Android tablets called Analytix HD which is even prettier.

The basic Analytix app allows you to view all sorts of data at a glance including your most popular content, top landing pages, and keywords people entered into search engines before visiting your site. You can adjust the start and end dates so you can see traffic from the past year, week, or even day.

There’s also a paid version of the app which offers a home screen widget, more filtering options, the ability to compare results, and additional features. That version is available from the Android Market for $1.44. The tablet app costs $2.89.

via xda-developers


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