Nuance offers a number of voice recoginition apps for iOS, including Dragon Search, Dragon Dictation, and the recently released Dragon Remote Microphone which lets you use your iPhone as a mic for your computer. Now the company has launched a new app called Dragon Go! that takes things to the next level.

Dragon Go will doesn’t just let you search the web with your voice — it opens the results for you without any user guidance. For example, by saying “play U2,” the app will automatically open Pandora. A search for the current weather will query Saying “buy tickets for Harry Potter” will open Fandango, but if you say “Harry Potter reviews,” Dragon Go will open IMDB.

Similarly, if you ask for a restaurant review, the app will open Yelp, and if you search for a reservation at the restaurant, it will open OpenTable. Currently, Dragon Go supports about than 180 search options, such as Fandango, Wikipedia and Google. You can cycle through these services using the ‘Dragon Carousel’, a navigation tool near the top of the screen. Nuance is expecting to add even more potential search options in the future.

You can download Dragon Go! for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the 4th gen. iPod Touch in the App Store for free.

via All Things Digital



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