Final Fantasy Tactics

Square Enix has submitted its upcoming role-playing, strategy game Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of The Lions to the App Store for approval. That means it could finally be available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad as soon as this week.

The game was originally launched for the PlayStation Portable back in 2007, but last summer the developers announced plans to port it to iOS, making it the first Final Fantasy Tactics game for the platform.

Unfortunately Square Enix missed its planned launch dates a few times. It was supposed to be available last September… then the date was pushed back until this summer. But now that the game has been submitted to the App Store, it should be available for purchase any day now.

The Final Fantasy series of games is known for deep plots and excellent animated sequences and music. The Tactics games include some of the elements of a traditional role-playing game, but battles are fought on a grid-like map where you have move your characters according to their characteristics.


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