Virgin Media TV Guide

TiVo offers a pretty nifty iPad app that allows subscribers to view program guides and schedule recordings on their digital video recorders. So far TiVo hasn’t released anything like it for Android users — but Virgin Media has.

The UK-based TV provider offers TiVo service to subscribers, and now customers can download a free app from the Android Market which functions as a program guide and recording scheduler. You can use the app to search for programs and set your DVR to record a show even if you’re nowhere near your TV. The app supports individual recordings and Season Passes.

That’s about it for the functionality though. The iPad app also lets you use your tablet as a remote control — you can start playing a program on your TV by flicking your finger on the iPad. It also shows detailed cast and crew information and lets you search Netflix, Amazon, and other video-on-demand offerings. Those features are missing in Virgin’s TV Guide app for now.

There’s no word on if or when TiVo will launch an official version of the app for customers in the US and elsewhere.

via Zatz Not Funny and Engadget

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