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Electronic Arts has released a free multi-player Scrabble game for Android, and it’s almost exactly like the company’s iPhone app, but with three major exceptions:

  1. The iPhone version has a single-player mode. The Android app does not.
  2. The iOS app costs $2.99. The Android app is free.
  3. The Android app opens an extraordinarily annoying full-screen advertisement after every single move!

That last one pretty much sucks most of the fun out of this game for me, but to be honest, so does the first. I generally prefer playing Scrabble against a computer than against friends or random people online. I may be in the minority there though, or Words With Friends and WordFeud wouldn’t be as popular as they are.

Anyway, if you can get past the ads, Scrabble Free for Android does have a few nice features including the ability to play with people using either the Android or iOS app. You can play up to 50 games at once, so you always have something to do while waiting for your opponent to play their hand. There’s also a “Teacher” tool which shows you the best word from the round you just played, letting you know just how many more points you could have had if you had a larger vocabulary.

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  1. Word Dominator is another word game, which similar to scrabble. You play against a computer player, and there are dictionaries in multiple languages; English, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, German, French, Norwegian and Danish. Word Dominator is available both on Android and on the iPhone.

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