Google has pushed out an updated version of its Google+Android app with a handful of new features, a few bugfixes, and better support for the Swype keyboard. Meanwhile the native app for iOS that was submitted to Apple for consideration a few weeks ago has yet to show up in the App Store.

Here’s what’s new in the Android app:

  • You can now set your Stream to show updates only from individual circles by using the Manage Views setting.
  • You can add multiple people or everyone in a circle to an existing Huddle group chat.
  • Photographs from Google+ can now be set as your wallpaper.

Google+ is Google’s new social network which is focused around the idea of “circles,” allowing you to quickly and easily sort your contacts into different groups. This makes it easy to only see the latest updates from a selected group or to only share your own status updates, photos, links, or other messages with a select group of people.

You can download the Google+ app for Android from the Android Market.

Brad Linder

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