Google Plus

Google has submitted a native app for Google+ to Apple for consideration and it could show up in the App Store shortly. Google+ is the new social network Google rolled out as a limited beta recently.

It’s sort of like a cross between Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to share messages, links, photos and videos with the world or with just a small group of friends, colleagues, people you knew when you were 12… or whatever. The key is that Google+ makes it incredibly simple to create “circles” and drag your contacts into the appropriate circles. Remembering to enter the circles you want to include every time you share a message is a little more complicated at this point.

The day Google started sending out Google+ invitations to the public the company launched an app for Android phones and tablets as well as a mobile interface for Android, iOS, or other devices with modern mobile web browsers.

I did a point-by-point comparison of the Android and web apps recently and found that you really do get most of the important features when you use the web app on an iPhone. But the native app has a few key features including support for “huddles,” which are group chats, and the ability to automatically upload every new photo you shoot with your phone’s camera.

It’s not clear yet whether the iOS app will have all the same features, but Googler Erica Joy says it’s been submitted to the App Store and it’s just waiting for approval.

Brad Linder

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