Google Maps 5.8

Google has added a few new features to the Google Maps application for Android and slapped a new version number on the app. You can download Google Maps 5.8 for Android for free from the Android Market.

Most of the changes are related to the Places and Latitude features, which allow you to view detailed information about businesses and other real-world locations on your map or share your location with other users.

Users can now upload photographs of a place directly from their phones. This feature makes a lot of sense, since Google already featured user-uploaded photos for restaurants and other spots. Now you can snap a photo and upload it while you’re actually on-site.

Photos will show up in your Picasa web albums, and you can delete them from the web by taking them out of your Photos for Google Maps folder if you decide you’d rather not have the public looking at that picture of your spaghetti dinner.

You can also now manage starred and recently visited places using the My Places option, create a new Place page if you’re trying to use Google Maps to “check-in” to a place that isn’t currently recognized, and view a “My Places” list of locations visited recently or starred.


Brad Linder

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