HTC is following through on a recent promise to do away with locked bootloaders. On the company’s Facebook page, HTC says that starting in August the global HTC Sensation smartphone will receive a software update that will allow users to unlock the bootloader. The T-Mobile version of the phone will get an update after that as well as the HTC Evo 3D phone on Sprint.

The software update won’t necessarily do anything right away, but HTC says that sometime in September you’ll be able to unlock the bootloader on a device running the latest software.

You generally need an unlocked bootloader if you want to install custom firmware on a phone or tablet. The bootloader is basically a simple software utility that tells your phone how to load the system kernel and operating system. A locked bootloader is set up in a way that makes it very difficult to change the boot instructions. So if you want to run CyanogenMod or another custom ROM instead of the software that came with your phone you’re going to want to be able to unlock the bootloader.

via Engadget

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