The Internet Movie Database has launched a new version of its Android app with support for Android tablets running Honeycomb. The user interface has been tweaked so that you have a toolbar in the left panel and shortcuts in the top — but plenty of space for photos, videos, movie showtimes, and other content in the main window.

When you launch the app you’re presetned with movie trailers and a list of films that are currently in theaters, but if you scroll down the page you’ll also find news.

From the navigation panel on the left you can also view upcoming movies, current movie showtimes, Box Office results, and other information.

At the top of the screen you can click on a TV icon to switch from films to TV, or tap the Celebrities button to view a list of top celebrities with photos, filmographies, trivia, and other information available for each.

There’s also a search bar which is probably the most important feature. It lets you search for any film, TV show, director, actor, or anyone else associated with show business to get more details.

The latest update also includes new features for Android smartphone users including the ability to login and rate films, purhcase movie tickets, or create watchlists.

Brad Linder

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