LogMeIn Ignition is a mobile app which lets you remote control a desktop or laptop computer from your phone or tablet. The company added a feature earlier this year that also lets you transfer files from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad — but not the other way around. Now it looks like LogMeIn is getting ready to fix that.

TUAW reports that the company has submitted a new version of the LogMeIn Ignition app to the App Store and it should be available soon. The update will also do a better job of organizing files you transfer from your PC to your mobile device.

The current version of LogMeIn Ignition is available from the App Store for $29.99. That’s a pretty steep price for an iOS app, but if you’re already a heavy LogMeIn user it might be worth it. The company also offers free and paid software that lets you remotely login to a computer using a web browser.

Brad Linder

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