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The Mango update for Windows Phone 7 will be available any day now, and while Microsoft has pointed out some of the highlights, it turns out there are a few hidden gems in the new software as well. For instance, Being Manan noticed that Mango lets you stream music from your Windows Live SkyDrive account to your phone.

Basically if you’ve already uploaded MP3 music to SkyDrive, all you have to do is fire up the SkyDrive app on your phone, find the Music folder, and select the song you want to play. What happens next is a little silly: You’re redirected to the SkyDrive website. But if you tap the song on that website, the file will load and you can stream it using your phone’s music player.

What’s interesting is that while the Internet Explorer 9 web browser in Windows Phone 7 supports this feature, it may not have been a high priority for the SkyDrive team. Instead, according to the folks that control the SkyDrive Twitter account, the focus is on making sure that users can access SkyDrive photos and documents on their Windows Phone 7 devices.

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  1. That is the type of feature that will pull customers into the WP ecosystem!…. Now only if MS, the vendors and the SP’s would just simply tell the public about Mango’s functionality the phones would began to sell competitively.

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