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One of the things that helped make the Mozilla Firefox browser popular (among geeks anyway) was the early support for add-ons that could enhanced the browser’s capabilities, add new features, or change the look and feel of the browser. Now we’re starting to see mobile browsers take a similar turn toward the add-on. Dolphin Browser HD and Firefox Mobile already support add-ons, and now the Maxthon mobile web browser does as well.

Maxthon 2.2 came out last week, and it brought a new add-on framework. Right now there are only a handful of add-ons available and they were all developed from the Maxthon team:

  • Bookmark Backup: Backup your bookmarks to an SD card or restore previously saved bookmarks.
  • Web Snapshot: Take  a screenshot of the full-sized web page that you’re viewing.
  • Task Killer: Exit apps that are running in the background.
  • File Manager: Expolore and manage files on your phone from within the browser.

You can download the add-ons from the Android Market. There’s also a setting within the browser that gives you a list of available add-ons.

The Maxthon browser is generally a pretty decent alternative to the stock Android browser. It features tabs at the top of the screen making it easy to switch between open browser windows. The user interface is also customizable with themes. There’s an integrated RSS reader. And you can customize the new tab page with links to your favorite web sites.

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  1. I heard from someone who said that avant browser plans to release a version for mobile browser .but i don’t see anything report about ab mobile browser .maybe it is a rumor

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