There’s no shortage of tower defense-style games for Google Android. These are sort of the real-time strategy games of the smartphone and tablet world. Instead of sending your forces out into the world StarCraft-style, tower defense games offer a more touchscreen-friendly style of game play where you set up a series of towers to prevent enemies from crossing from one side of the screen to the other. It doesn’t sound that difficult… but it is.

Up until today my favorite tower defense games for Android were Robo Defense and the recently-launched FieldRunners HD. But then I saw Myth Defense Light Forces. The basic game play is virtually identical to other defense titles, but Myth Defense is quite possibly the best-looking game of its genre I’ve seen to date.

It’s also one of the most in-depth, with both a battle mode with 3 maps and a random map, and a campaign mode with 15 different maps. There are 21 different tower types and 30 difficulty levels.

Myth Defense supports phones or tablets, and looks gorgeous on a Honeycomb tablet with a high resolution display.

There’s a free version of the game which only supports battle mode and the first 5 difficulty levels. The full version of Myth Defense is available from the Android Market for $3.95.

Brad Linder

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