Update 7/6/2011: JailbreakMe is now available for public consumption. It looks like Comex managed to finish up work on the project before Apple pushed a security update.

Earlier today someone leaked a pre-release version of an upcoming jailbreak utility designed to work on the iPad 2. Users are reporting that it’s a bit buggy — and that’s not surprising, since developer Comex wasn’t actually read to release it yet. Still, if you’re the adventurous type and you have a WiFi-only iPad you might be able to get it working.

But here’s the thing about jailbreaking tools — they all rely on security hole in iOS. Even if Apple didn’t have an interest in keeping the operating system locked down to prevent users from mucking around and altering the way the iPhone and iPad OS works, Apple does have an interest in patching security holes.

Unfortunately that means that Apple is likely now aware of the security flaw that the jailbreak utility exploits and there’s a good chance Apple could release iOS 4.3.4 to address the security issue before Comex is ready to publicly launch the new JailbreakMe utility.

It may still be possible to jailbreak an iPad 2 after iOS 4.3.4 is released. But you’ll either want to hold off on updating if and when the new OS is released or make sure to use a trool such as TinyUmbrella to backup your SHSH blobs now so that you can downgrade to iOS 4.3.3 or earlier when it’s time to jailbreak.

The process could be much more difficult in the future, since iOS 5 won’t allow users to downgrade devices by using saved SHSH blobs.

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21 replies on “Premature iPad 2 jailbreak leak could prompt Apple to apply a security patch”

  1. Theres a reason it doesn’t work on newer versions…because its already patched!!!!

    1. The version leaked is older and for 4.3 only the jailbreak was confirmed by comex to work on up to 4.3.3

  2. the developer comex says it’s buggy but the jailbreak and all apps work 100% sick jailbreak good work only works on wifi iPad 2 on 4.3!! glad it got leaked sick of waiting and waiting. no troubles so far and I’ve downloaded like 20 cydia apps

    1. the thing is, 4.3 itself has many bugs. don’t you want a better version of the jailbreak that works on an updated firmware?

      1. what bugs? I have had none so far I have no need to upgrade to 4.3.3 because my iPad works perfect on 4.3 the only thing they fixed was like opening large files like PDFs or websites takes less time to open huge files…and of course security fixes meaning trying to stop jailbreakers.

        I doubt 4.3 is as buggy as you say. I doubt they would release a brand new tablet with a super buggy firmware

        anyone else find bugs on 4.3 jailbroken or not?

        1. i meant only a few bugs, like the problems with the gyroscope working and the location/security bug.

  3. Dammit.
    The retards who leaked this… What did they accomplish? They got this thing out early by a week at most. At what price? Now Apple will patch this jailbreak before it is even released properly. Let’s not debate technical issues of whether it works or not; let’s just think of the man behind this jailbreak. He’s worked hard on this thing for us for free for around a year, and we botch his release?

    1. And what’s the problem with that? ios5 already had the vulnerability fixed so apple knew about it and no matter what they do all 4.3 – 4.3.3 versions will still be vulnerable.

      There is literally no downside to this.

      1. Apple didn’t know about this, or it’d be fixed in iOS 4 as well. The only reason the exploit doesn’t work in iOS 5 is because Apple fundamentally changed how the operating system works. It’s akin to having a hole in a bucket. If you knew where the hole was, you could just patch it easily. If you didn’t (like how Apple didn’t), you could only buy a knew bucket to replace it.

  4. I’m all for leakin. Comex was taking his bloody time and iPad 3 is fast approaching. Besides, wots the harm? It’s not like he’s gon sell it. And apple will patch it regardless. Go leakers!

    1. are u smoking pot??? Come on! the ipad 3 is not gonna be released until next year, as all of the OFFICIAL news websites have confirmed. Comex is not taking his time. he’s trying as hard as hell to  make the jailbreak less buggy and more efficient (unionfs). His hardworking hours were what will drastically reduce the jailbreak time. If he released it any earlier, his ass would be sued by apple because he had apple code in the earlier version of his jailbreak. Lastly, leakers are THE WORST. they release unready material that the actual person worked hundreds to thousands of hours on. Of course, being the piece of shit that you are, you wouldnt understand. What’s the harm? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Obviously, you don’t understand the word BUGGY. Buggy means the ability to fuck up thousands of peoples’ ipads. So what if Comex is not gonna sell it? he has partnered with p0sixninja and has shown him the exploit. p0sixninja has formed a new jailbreak that will most likely work on the coming iPhone 5, as he reported in a livestream. Bitch, can’t you even put two and two together? this means that with the leak, apple could patch the iphone 5 exploit. 

      I freely admit that this is a rant that is pro-jailbreaking and anti-piracy and specifically targeted toward you, neoteny. but the thing is, you deserved it.

  5. Comex works so hard for free and some asshole had to fuck with him.  I am waiting for ipad 2 jailbreak but will wait till comex releases the final version.  What happened is just not right.

  6. For anyone who didn’t get a chance to jailbreak, the following site is hosting the exploit: http://bit.ly/mRL5us

    It works to jailbreak the iPad 2. They have instructions and a working link to the leaked JailbreakMe PDF.

  7. I don’t know how comex can even continue finishing he jailbreak with all the crap he’s been given. Think about all of the ridicule, the hate messages, and now this leak. Maybe you guys might be able to be human beings for once and respect him for his hard, nonstop work. Seriously, all of you guys (except for aser1234, gx, and hhp3) have just been self centered bitches.

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