QuickBooks Mobile for Android

Intuit has launched a mobile QuickBooks app for Android which is designed to let customers of the company’s accounting software access data on a mobile phone or tablet.

You’ll need to be a QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks, Premier, or QuickBooks Online subscriber to use the app. I’ve actually been using QuickBooks to track my business finances for the last few years, but I’m using the now-discontinued QuickBooks Simple Start application, so it looks like I’m out of luck here. The app is also incompatible with QuickBooks for Mac.

If you do use one of the supported products you can use the new mobile app to view, add, or edit customers, create and view invoices and estimates, and even share contact details between the app and your phone’s contact list. That allows you to receive a special notification when a customer in your QuickBooks list calls so you can quickly open the app and view invoices or other details while you’re on a call.

Intuit also offers a QuickBooks Mobile app for iOS.

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  1. Do you have to have cell/ wireless reception, or does it save a copy of the database to your phone so you can make entries/ queries whilst offline (eg: webbooks for iphone which is the whole database on your phone)?

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