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Remote Potato is an iOS app that allows Windows Media Center users to scheduled recordings, view pictures, and even stream music or videos from your PC to your iPhone. Now the developer is preparing to launch an iPad app. It’s expected to hit the App Store on July 12th.

Windows Media Center is Microsoft’s 10-foot interface for controlling a PC. It’s built into most consumer versions of Windows 7 and it includes photo, video, and music features including the ability to view and record live television broadcasts if you have a TV tuner on your computer.

Remote Potato HD will let you view a program guide or browse for media on your computer. The app connects to your PC over a home network, but you can also use it when you’re away from the home to stream music or movies over 3G or WiFi. Several video quality options are available so you can adjust the stream depending on your connection. You can also download media to your iPad for offline access.

The app also supports AirPlay so you can stream media to an Apple TV. That way you can have Windows Media Center running on one PC in your house, but use an iPad with Remote Potato HD to send media to a TV with a $99 Apple TV set top box.

You can check out a demo video after the break.

The iPhone and iPod touch version is already available for $6.99 in the App Store. The iPad app should be available in a few days.

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  1. Does this require me to have something crazy like iTunes on my Media Center? If not, I’m in.

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