Spotify is a wildly popular online music service that lets you play millions of tracks on a computer, smartphone, or other supported device free of charge. The service is currently available only in Europe, but there have been rumors of a US launch for ages… and now Spotify has confirmed those rumors. The company has set up a web page promising Spotify “will soon be landing on US shores.”

You can sign up to request an invitation from the site, but it’s not yet clear when those invitations will be sent out.

In Europe Spotify offers a free, advertising-supported service and a subscription service for around $8 per month or a little extra in order to stream to mobile devices. It looks like the company could be preparing to launch a similar model in the States, since the the web site includes the text “Any track, any time, anywhere. And it’s free!”

Spotify also announced a deal with Virgin Media today to expand its reach in the UK by offering access to millions of Virgin customers in that country through computers, smartphones, or television set-top-boxes.

Brad Linder

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