Springpad has released an update for its iOS app and it makes the already solid note-taking app even more convenient.

The app’s central feature is pretty much the same as most other apps of the note-taking genre, which is clean text and multimedia entry. The recent update to version 2.3 brings rich text editing and improved graphics to the experience.

Springpad’s signature features include its utilization of the GPS to find and save nearby businesses and restaurants in the app, and add movies, wines, books and other items from the web via a tool called the Springpad Web Clipper. Springpad will automatically add useful information, such as addresses, descriptions and prices. You can also scan barcodes of products and save them.

The new version also lets you add reminders and alarms to any item you save in the app and receive a push notification that links according to the item you set. When you have new alerts to be viewed, the standard iOS count will show on the app’s homescreen icon. Reminders also sync with the web, so you can manage your notifications from the web as well.

Other features include support for a ‘send to phone’ feature, which means you can instantly push information directly from a Springpad web app, such as its Chrome or Firefox extension, straight to the mobile app.

You can download Springpad for iPhone and the iPad for free in the App Store.


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